33rd summer Kyokushin KWF USA camp

33rd summer Kyokushin KWF USA camp (Karate School KANKU) Already after 5 weeks after returning from Japan, where Shihan Leslaw Samitowski and his players participated in International All Japan Championships with a very strong cast, traditionally as every year and this year In 2006, the 33rd summer camp organized by KANKU Dojo i took place Shihan Leslaw Samitowski, as part of the American activity Kyokushin World Federation. Shihan Samitowski for 35 years runs his Kyokushin KANKU Dojo, in Chicago (USA), Dojo with real event, completely independent with great success sports and organizations. This time the camp was organized in Michigan (USA)…

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55th International Kyokushin Summer Camp in Papendal

55th International Kyokushin Summer Camp in Papendal - An Unforgettable Experience! What an amazing weekend it was at the 55th Kyokushin Summer Camp Papendal in the Netherlands! Over 125 Kyokushin karate practitioners from 8 countries, including Israel, France, and Italy, came together for three days of intensive training. We accumulated a total of 20 hours of training spread across these fantastic days.The weather was perfect, with temperatures around 32 degrees, allowing us to complete our kihon kata and kumite sessions with full enthusiasm. The sun added an extra boost of motivation, helping us bring out the best in ourselves!One of…

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1st KWF Seminar in Bolivia

From June 29 to June 1, 2023, the 1st KWF Seminar took place in Sucre, capital of Bolivia with the participation of about 50 students.This seminar, guided by shihan Antonio Pereira 6th dan, KWF representative in South America, was carried out with great mastery by Sempai Wilber Renteria Marquez, new KWF representative in Bolivia and was attended by the current IFK Bolivia representative, sempai Meruvia José. Work focused on the KWF Syllabus to facilitate technical integration within the KWF family.During the seminar, sempai Wilber Renteria, with more than 20 Kyokushin years, was submitted to the equivalence test for 1st Dan.…

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KWF Norge Summer Camp with shihan Fernando Perez

KWF Norge Summer Camp with shihan Fernando Perez (7th dan)Summer camp was held in the town of Alta (Norway), located in the Arctic Circle, from June 22 to 25, 2023.A total of 50 karatekas from Spain and Norway participated in the course. The seminar was given by shihan Fernando Pérez, 7th dan, shihan Tommy Edvadsen, President of KWF Norge and sensei Bea Prades, 3rd dan and the camp covered the fundamental aspects of kyokushin, such as kihon, kata and kumite, seeking the homogenization of technical work according to the principles of KWF.All the students enjoyed the training sessions and thanks…

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On June 3, 2023, the 50th Jubilee Polish Senior Kyokushin Championships in kumite and kata took place in Świnoujście with the participation of about 120 players representing about 60 PZK member clubs.The solemn opening ceremony was performed by the President of the City of Świnoujście Paweł Sujka, the President of the PZK and the Vice-President of the Polish Olympic Committee Maciej Sokołowski, the Vice-President of the PZK Andrzej Drewniak and the Vice-President of the PZK Wacław Antoniak. PZK representatives presented the creator of the power of Polish Kyokushin, Shihan A. Drewniak, with a Japanese Katana sword, as a symbol of…



On 26/27/28 May 2023 a kyokushinkai karate seminar was held in Italy organized by the Italian kyokushinkai karate organization - KWF Italia C.R. Shihan Tommaso Schirinzi.The special guest was Shihan Antonio Pinero (IX DAN) who aroused enormous enthusiasm his return to Italy a historical icon of Kyokushinkai Karate, today President of the world federation Kyokushin World Federation (KWF). This is demonstrated by the 122 participants in the internship held on this last weekend in May!!On this occasion, the Examination Commission chaired by Shihan Pinero conferred new degrees including the black belts:Senpai Symon Nava (I DAN)Senpai Alberto Colizzi (I DAN)Senpai Emanuele…


News from KWF Iraq

Iraqi National Olympic Comette . Sign up with an expert and international trainer Kwf Shihan Mansouri (iran)with the Iraqi federation for the development of national teams and attracts the importance of this contract is to support and commit the Olympic Commitment with the Iraqi Kyokushin federation The president Shihan Ammar Adnan Whayeb . It is a victory accompanied by Iraqi and Social Kyokushin to get Olympic support. many camps and championships will be held that will be at the level of Iraq and the region of Asia. Gallery: Previous Next

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1st KWF International Camp in Saudi Arabia

The 1st International Saudi kyokushin camp were held in Riyadh- Saudi Arabia in 1-6/3/2023 with Shihan Antonio Pinero 9th dan the president of the KWF, and during the camp we have a local tournament. 7 countries were participated for the camp from, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan and Tunisia and more than 120 participants. The training consisted of fighting skills, kumite, kihon and kata. In the presence of: The president of the Saudi Kyokushin Committee sensei Abdulrahim Alshehri. The president of the Arab Kyokushin Federation Shihan Sadiq Koka 7th dan. The president of the Iraq Kyokushin Federation Shihan Ammar waheeb 7th dan. The Saudi kyokushin…

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10th Spanish Winter Camp

The X Spanish Wintercamp (Kangeiko) was held from 3 to 5 of March in Villanua (Huesca), in the heart of Spanish Pyrenees. The camp covered all aspects of kyokushin: kihon, kata and kumite in inside and outside trainings. The lanscape is very beatiful ad the weather was fantastic. Everybody enjoyed a lot with the trainings and the good kyokushin atmosphere. 140 students participated in the camp from Spain and The Netherlands. The camp was organized by Budo Karate Club (KWF Spain-shihan Fernando Pérez, 7 dan), and the following instructors were directing the clases: Shihan Jesus Talan Shihan Angel Mateo Shihan Manuel Giron Shihan…

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1st South American KWF Championships and International Seminar

1st South American KWF Championships and International SeminarIt was held on Saturday, February 11, 2023, in the city of Talcahuano, a port city in the Biobío region of Chile and located in the south of the Central Zone of Chile, the 1st South American KWF (Kyokushin World Federation) championship with the participation more than 150 athletes distributed in 36 male and female categories kumite and kata from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Chile.This championship had the support of the city of Talcahuano, private sponsors, to KWF South America. In the presence of the president of the Kyokushin World Federation or shihan…

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