33rd summer Kyokushin KWF USA camp

33rd summer Kyokushin KWF USA camp (Karate School KANKU)

Already after 5 weeks after returning from Japan, where Shihan Leslaw Samitowski and his players participated in International All Japan Championships with a very strong cast, traditionally as every year and this year In 2006, the 33rd summer camp organized by KANKU Dojo i took place Shihan Leslaw Samitowski, as part of the American activity Kyokushin World Federation. Shihan Samitowski for 35 years runs his Kyokushin KANKU Dojo, in Chicago (USA), Dojo with real event, completely independent with great success sports and organizations.

This time the camp was organized in Michigan (USA) over Lake Michigan in a beautiful scenery of forests and beaches and the weather was perfect order, beautiful! There was no shortage of international company, because in KANK representatives of various nations participate in trainings, such as Polish, Mexican, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Mongolian, Ukrainian, Angola, Pakistani and of course also students American.
This 9-day camp, June 17-25, was perfect experience for all participants, children and adults there were nearly 50 people in total. It was a very intense camp with 3 daily workouts, water workouts, night workouts and many activities during the day.

The main topic of the camp was fitness preparation a 30-minute interval run every morning at 7 in the morning and of course, generally intensive training throughout day. An equally important topic was the improvement of Kihon and Kata, because the final highlight of the camp was the exam up to and including the 4th Kyu, no Of course, there was also no daily kumite training. Number
the test takers was not too large because the exam with more participants are being prepared in the fall of this year with exams for Shodan i Nidan inclusive, which does not mean that the exam at the camp was easy. Everyone the examinee had to go through a hard way to get his belt.

Despite quite an intensive program, there was also time for Bunkai i Goshinjitsu (self defense) based techniques from different Kata as well Tao philosophy. In running the camp and in conducting the main training the instructor, apart from shihan Samitowski, was sensei Bruno Drab (4 Dan) who was 100% committed to every workout he did Sensei Andrzej Chuchra often helped. She was also extremely helpful sensei Magda Drab (3 Dan) not only in training but also in the organization the entire camp, becoming, in a way, the brain that keeps watch over them whole. She also attended the camp after maternity leave Sensei Ewelina Skretowicz-Jasica (4 Dan) showing real OSU No Seishin (Spirit of OSU) and Toshi (fighting spirit) at every training!

A strong accent of the camp was great, healthy and tasty food. There was also a Sayonara Party where, apart from other ttractions, KANKU Rock Band composed of Kanku Dojo players ended the camp strong hit.