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The Kyokushin World Federation is a non-profit federation based on democratic rules in accordance with the law. Leaders of the Kyokushin World Federation all have studied Kyokushin, since the 60’s, directly from Sosai Masutatsu Oyama, during their stay in Honbu Dojo. Sosai Oyama appointed directly Shihan Hollander, Shihan Pinero and Shihan Drewniak as his representatives in Europe. We pay special respect to the orgins of karate – Japan and the orgins of Kyokushin – Honbu Dojo. We also respect deeply Sosai Oyama”s family and everyone who wishes to work in the way that our Master taught us. 


KWF founders with sosai Oyama. From left Antonio Pinero, Loek Hollander, Masutatsu Oyama, Andre Drewniak.



Below we present the profiles of the Kyokushin World Federation management board members:

10th dan

in memoriam



loek hollander

Honorary President

Loek Hollander has started practicing Kyokushin in 1962. In 1965 he has already opened his own Sports center in the city of Rotterdam-Holland. He lived and trained in Japan in 1967 and fought the one-hundred man Kumite. He was the one, who has established the European Karate Kyokushin Organization in 1968. Also, in 1968 he has started the first European International Kyokushin Summer Camp in Holland. More than 45 Years of Summer Camps under the leadership of Shihan have passed in a row. Shihan Loek Hollander has passed away on February 16, 2020.

9th dan


antonio pinero

President of board

Shihan Antonio Pinero began his first contacts in the world of karate in the sixties. First through the books written by Sosai Oyama and later, having the great instructors B. Boulton, S. Arneil, L. Hollander as first teachers. At that time, he met and trained with Grand Master Sosai Masutatsu Oyama at the London Karate Kai.

Shihan Antonio Pinero was a part of the Spanish National Team and participated in the European and International Championships upon his return to Spain: he did not lose any bout.

In 1968, he settled in Spain (Zaragoza) and founded the Club Karate – Kan. In the same year His Majesty the King of Spain D. Juan Carlos I, accepted the Honor Presidency of his Club. Kyokushin began to spread in Spain: numerous students train under the teachings of the First Spanish Teacher. Currently, he is the President of a Board of KWF.

mail: shihanapinero@gmail.com
tel: +34 615 401 193

7th dan


hristo traikov

vice President

Chairman of the Bulgarian Kyokushin Organization, coach of many outstanding players. One of the co-founders of the Kyokushin World Federation. Currently, he is the Vice President of KWF.

mail: hristo.traykov@gmail.com
tel: +359-887-920-023

9th dan


andre drewniak

general secretary

Initially, he practiced judo and obtained the 1st dan dan in this style. Fascinated by karate, he founded the first Polish Karate Kyokushin section at Krakow in 1972. In 1974 he went to a training camp in the Netherlands, where he passed the 1st dan exam, becoming the first Polish kyokushin holder of a black belt. In 1975 he took part in the 1st Open World Championships in Tokyo.

Thanks to the support of Loek Hollander, he received an annual scholarship and an invitation to Japan. At the end of his stay in Japan, he obtained the 4th dan after training in the Sosai Masutatsu Ōyama dojo for 15 months, with which he was a personal student (uchideshi). 

In 1993, after the exam in Yuwagara, Japan, he was the first Pole to receive the 5th dan degree and the title of shihan. Currently, he is the secretary general of KWF.

mail: general.secretary@europeankyokushin.org
tel: +48 601 421 145

7th dan


leslaw samitowski

board member​

In 1984-1987 he was the coach of the Polish national team, and in the years 1994-2000 he was the coach of the US national team. He was also a physical therapist for the famous Polish professional boxer Andrzej Gołota. Since 1988 he has been running a karate school in Chicago.

He has practiced at Shaolin Monastery and Okinawa Island. He is an instructor in addition to kyokushin also internal systems. Currently, he is the KWF board member responsible for North America.

tel: +1 773 836 3639

5th dan


mauricio alvarado

board member​

An international competitor taking part in the tournaments at the highest level: has participated in 9 world Championships (4 Open Weight World Open Karate Tournaments and 5 Weight World Tournaments), Multiple Costa Rican Champion, North American Sub Champion, Pan-American Champion, and Champion of All America. Fought since he started karate at 9 years old and retired until his 39. Shihan Alvarado was a uchi deshi in Japan and he was training under the supervision of shihan Kenji Midori and shihan Keiji Sanpei. He was a founder and the President of the Costa Rica KWF. He is a member of the KWF board responsible for Central America.

tel:  +506 8703 6143 

5th dan


daniel trifu

board member

He is a Romanian born Kyokushin Karate practitioner and full contact fighter. Shihan Trifu has over 25 years experience in studying and teaching martial arts in Sydney. He has competed in Kyokushin Karate and won at National, Asia Pacific, Oceana and International Tournaments.  He is a member of the KWF board responsible for Australia.

tel: +61 410 799 816


tomas lopez


He come from Spain. A specialist in law and finance. Currently, he is the Treasurer of KWF.

adress & Bank details

Calle San Antonio María Claret, 36-38 - 50005 ZARAGOZA (España)

TAX No. G05347216.
 Santander, IBAN ES77 0049 5480 2029 1624 7359 – BIC – BSCHESMMXXX