1st South American KWF Championships and International Seminar

1st South American KWF Championships and International Seminar
It was held on Saturday, February 11, 2023, in the city of Talcahuano, a port city in the Biobío region of Chile and located in the south of the Central Zone of Chile, the 1st South American KWF (Kyokushin World Federation) championship with the participation more than 150 athletes distributed in 36 male and female categories kumite and kata from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Chile.
This championship had the support of the city of Talcahuano, private sponsors, to KWF South America. In the presence of the president of the Kyokushin World Federation or shihan Antonio Pinero 9º Dan, and the KWF representative in South America or shihan António Pereira, 6º dan.
The organizer of the 1st KWF South American Championship went to KWF Chile led by sensei Félix Gonzalez 4th Dan.
On Sunday, February 12, the KWF International Seminar was held with the leadership of shihan Antonio Pinero, assessed by shihan Antonio Pereira.
Time to review the KWF Syllabus, clarify some doubts and above all know the tatame or kyokushin KWF South America and deliver the 4th Dan certificate to sensei Daniel Martino from KWF Brazil and 2nd Dan to sempai Pablo Schiavina KWF representative in Argentina.
text by shihan Antonio Pereira