10th Spanish Winter Camp

The X Spanish Wintercamp (Kangeiko) was held from 3 to 5 of March in Villanua (Huesca), in the heart of Spanish Pyrenees. The camp covered all aspects of kyokushin: kihon, kata and kumite in inside and outside trainings.
The lanscape is very beatiful ad the weather was fantastic. Everybody enjoyed a lot with the trainings and the good kyokushin atmosphere. 140 students participated in the camp from Spain and The Netherlands. The camp was organized by Budo Karate Club (KWF Spain-shihan Fernando Pérez, 7 dan), and the following instructors were directing the clases:

Shihan Jesus Talan
Shihan Angel Mateo
Shihan Manuel Giron
Shihan José Antonio García
Shihan José María Dorado
Sensei Manolo Moreno
Sensei Dolores Caamaño
Sensei Sara Prieto
The next edition of this fanatic wintercamp will be held from 1 to 3 of March 2024.