1st KWF International Camp in Saudi Arabia

The 1st International Saudi kyokushin camp were held in Riyadh- Saudi Arabia in 1-6/3/2023 with Shihan Antonio Pinero 9th dan the president of the KWF, and during the camp we have a local tournament. 7 countries were participated for the camp from, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan and Tunisia and more than 120 participants. The training consisted of fighting skills, kumite, kihon and kata. In the presence of: The president of the Saudi Kyokushin Committee sensei Abdulrahim Alshehri. The president of the Arab Kyokushin Federation Shihan Sadiq Koka 7th dan. The president of the Iraq Kyokushin Federation Shihan Ammar waheeb 7th dan. The Saudi kyokushin coach Shihan Omar Mukhallalati 7dan who lead the last period of the camp. In the last day a meeting was held between Shihan Antonio Pinero and the Director of the Office of the Saudi Minister of Sports and also with the General Secretary of the Union of Arab Committees. During this meeting, some important issues of Kyokushin in Saudi Arabia and in the Arab world were discussed. Thanks for everyone participate us in this camp, we hope we’ll see you next time in my great country.

Text by
president of the Saudi Kyokushin Committee
Sensei Abdulrahim Alshehri