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"Behind each triumph are new peaks to be conquered." ​

Sosai Masutatsu Oyama (10th dan)

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Welcome to the official KWF website.

The Kyokushin World Federation is a non-profit federation based on democratic rules in accordance with the law.

Leaders of the Kyokushin World Federation all have studied Kyokushin, since the 60’s, directly from Sosai Masutatsu Oyama, during their stay in Honbu Dojo. Sosai Oyama appointed directly Shihan Hollander, Shihan Pinero and Shihan Drewniak as his representatives in Europe. We pay special respect to the orgins of karate – Japan and the orgins of Kyokushin – Honbu Dojo. We also respect deeply Sosai Oyama”s family and everyone who wishes to work in the way that our Master taught us. 


Sosai Oyama with shihan Loek Hollander and shihan Antonio Pinero.


Report of KWF FRANCE SPRING CAMP from 26 to 29 of May, 2022 at Sportica (Gravelines city).  Under direction of Shihan Jérôme de Timmerman with Guest Instructors Shihan Paul LORIST and…


Last Saturday, April 9, 2022, the 41st Spanish National Kyokushin Championship was held in the City of ALCORCÓN – Madrid – SPAIN, with a large participation: 52 CLUBS, mainly from…

Information from shihan Antonio Pinero (9th dan) – KWF President, about war situation at Ukraine and European Kyokushin Championship.

Tranlation from english to Ukrainian: Звернення Президента KWF Антоніо Піньеро ВСЕСВІТНЯ ФЕДЕРАЦІЯ КІОКУСИН (KWF) Іспанія, 12 березня 2022 Шановні члени KWF, сіхани, сенсеї, семпаї та всі послідовники кіокусін, прямо зараз…



Karate Kyokushin World Championships in Poland promotial movie

Karate Kyokushin World Championships invitation from KWF President

Karate Kyokushin World Championships invitation from KWF General Secretary

Karate Kyokushin World Championships in Poland live relation from 2nd day