International Kyokushin Summerschool – 2022, Papendal / Netherlands

Last weekend, the Dutch Karate Kyokushin Organization organized the Kyokushin Summer Camp at Papendal for the 54th time. The camp is known as physically demanding. Of course all aspects of Kyokushin were practiced in 17 training sessions spread over 4 days. Shihan Antonio Pinero, Shihan Fernando Perez, Shihan Javier Lezkano from Spain and Shihan Jérôme de Timmerman from France were present and provided inspiring lessons.
Each morning and afternoon the training ended with 25 fights. In this way everyone fought at least 150 matches. There were also special trainings such as the night training where the sprinklers for the grass were turned on to stay cool.
15 candidates took part in the grading for a higher belt, from first kyu to 5th dan. This exam was conducted by an international examination committee under the direction of Shihan Piñero. On Saturday it started with a three and a half hour technical and physical exam. On Monday morning was the traditional exam fighting no protection allowed. As always this was a great moment.
The 54th summer camp was a great success. All candidates passed which is a huge exception. Kyokushin in the Netherlands focuses on quality and this is reflected in the quality of our students.
Next year is the 55th Summer Camp at Papendal.. We are already looking forward to it. Put it in your calendar July 7 – 10, 2023.
text by shihan Paul Lorist (6th dan)