The Norwegian Kyokushin summer camp held at Moi in Rogaland. Performers came both with and without families from near and far in our long country. The camp had the organization leader, Shihan Antonio Pinero, 9th Dan, visit as head coach, but this year, in addition to this, invested in Norwegian coaches.Athletes at the camp have already given feedback that it was positive to have so many Norwegian coaches. This helped to substantiate that we have a high level of expertise in Norway.The Norwegian instructors:

Shihan Tom Silver Erga 5th Dan

Shihan Geir Havreberg 5th Dan

Shihan Jarle Sundvar 5th Dan

Shihan Gorm Øyan 5th Dan

Sensei Johnny Reiestad 4th Dan

Sensei Geir Rune Toge 4th Dan

Sensei Roy Svensen 4th Dan

Sensei Yilmas Zorlu 4th Dan

Senpai Jannikke Berger 2nd Dan

Senpai Elisabeth M. Varhaug 2nd Dan

The program consisted of varied content in both theory and practice, such as basic/kihon, fight, kata, cardio, Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates. In addition, there were separate sessions for club instructors on how to teach combat and kata by Sensei Johnny and Sensei Roy, as well as lectures on injury prevention training with senpai Hans Kristian Havreberg, Havreberg Coahing.

With one to four training sessions for the day (+ one night training session) from Wednesday, everyone was well satisfied and ready to travel home when Sunday came.

We wish the rest of the karate family a really good summer!