International Kyokushin Summerschool – 2022, Papendal / Netherlands

Last weekend, the Dutch Karate Kyokushin Organization organized the Kyokushin Summer Camp at Papendal for the 54th time. The camp is known as physically demanding. Of course all aspects of Kyokushin were practiced in 17 training sessions spread over 4 days. Shihan Antonio Pinero, Shihan Fernando Perez, Shihan Javier Lezkano from Spain and Shihan Jérôme de Timmerman from France were present and provided inspiring lessons.Each morning and afternoon the training ended with 25 fights. In this way everyone fought at least 150 matches. There were also special trainings such as the night training where the sprinklers for the grass were…

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Reunion Island KWF Cup

On Saturday, July 2, 2022, the first edition of the KWF TOKIO CUP took place on Reunion Island, organized by by Shihan Pierre Grondin. After the stop of the competitions due to the health crisis of covid-19, it was important to create a big event in the Indian Ocean area and it is done. The competition gathered about 140 fighters in kumite and kata. A delegation of 11 fighters from KWF Mauritius made the trip. KWF in the ocean area is getting organised and wishes to propose the second Indian Ocean Championship in April 2023 in Mauritius. On Sunday morning, July…

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Summer Camp by Norwegian Kyokushin Organization

The summer camp been held in period 29th June to 3rd July, it was approx. 130 participants, and it was good after the Covid 19 period we have been through. It was nice to be able to get together and train together after a long period with Covid 19, everyone greatly appreciated meeting and training as normal. There were three training sessions each day and we also had meetings/courses and night training. We mostly trained outside in the beautiful nature at Moi. It was only grading and night training that was inside the hall. We had grading led by Shihan…

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KWF Germany – Summer camp 2022

  On June 25/26 the annual summercamp was held. Over 60 participants came to Hamburg from KWF Fulda, Wuppertal, Berlin. The training was carried out in different age groups. During the summer camp the pupils improved their Kihon, Kata and Kumite. During our dinner the topic of the 10-year old KWF Germany was discussed. We remembered how the fighters of KWF Germany took 2nd and 3rd in their respective weight categories at the european championship in bulgaria in 2011. The CR Janusz Konieczko took 2nd place in the open category. He was the oldes participant of the competition. Later the…

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International KWF Training Camp and Belts Exam in Tunisia

International Training Camp and Belts ExamThe Tunisian Association of Kyokushinkai Karate and Martial Arts (ATKAM) organised on the 14/15" of May 2022 in Sousse Tunisia a Training camp for coaches and athletes also a belts examination for 1, 2" Kyu and all black belts. This event was hold under the supervision of the President of the Kyokushin World Federation KWF Shihan Antonio Pinero, and the president of ATKAM and Arab Federation and KWF country representative of Tunisia Shihan Sadok Kouka. 7countries were present in this camp beside Tunisia, Iraq, Algeria, Lybia, France, Sweden and Spain. The first day Saturday the…

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Report of KWF FRANCE SPRING CAMP from 26 to 29 of May, 2022 at Sportica (Gravelines city).  Under direction of Shihan Jérôme de Timmerman with Guest Instructors Shihan Paul LORIST and Sensei Jeroen ZEEGERS (Netherlands) and the French Staff: Sensei Christophe LAIGLE, Sensei Charley QUINOL and Sensei Matthieu MORELLE. KIHON, KATA, KUMITE, STAMINA, SELF DEFENSE in the purest respect of Kyokushin traditions, recovery in the swimming pool or in the form of hypnosis or morning scrubbing on Gravelines beach... A high-level KWF Grades test with the complicity of Shihan Paul LORIST. a sayonara party bowling in a perfect warm and supportive…



Last Saturday, April 9, 2022, the 41st Spanish National Kyokushin Championship was held in the City of ALCORCÓN – Madrid – SPAIN, with a large participation: 52 CLUBS, mainly from KWF Spain, and KWF Guest Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, Norway, Brazil, Portugal, Holland, France (Reunion Island – Indian Ocean), as well as other Clubs from Guest Kyokushin Organization such as Kyokushin-Kan, IFK, and others. The Championship was led and coordinated by SHIHAN ANTONIO PIÑERO, President KWF, without a doubt a great honour for the success of the Championship. We also had the presence of other VIPs, such…


Information from shihan Antonio Pinero (9th dan) – KWF President, about war situation at Ukraine and European Kyokushin Championship.

Tranlation from english to Ukrainian: Звернення Президента KWF Антоніо Піньеро ВСЕСВІТНЯ ФЕДЕРАЦІЯ КІОКУСИН (KWF) Іспанія, 12 березня 2022 Шановні члени KWF, сіхани, сенсеї, семпаї та всі послідовники кіокусін, прямо зараз світ зіткнувся із трагічною ситуацією. Ніхто не хоче війни в Європі. KWF проти цієї війни, як і решта. Сосай Ояма через кіокусин хотів сприяти миру в усьому світі, утримуючись від світової політики. Ми несемо відповідальність за цю спадщину. Ми робимо це, тренуючись разом, організовуючи міжнародні чемпіонати та пізнаючи кіокусин таким, яким він має бути. Все це обмежується нинішньою війною між Україною та Росією. KWF буде дотримуватися прийнятих міжнародних санкцій. Чемпіонат…

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IX Spanish Wintercamp in Villanua

The IX Spanish Wintercamp was held in Villanua (Huesca-Spain) from 5 to 7 of March. 90 participants of diferents dojos participated at the camp. The classes covered all aspects of kyokushin: kihon, Kata, kumite, self defence and Tameshiwari. The camp was directed by shihan Fernando Perez (6 dan) together others shihans and senseis.

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On February 18-20, 2022, the National Kyokushin Seminar took place in the YMCA Fighting Sports Hall in Krakow, with the participation of 120 dojo managers, instructors and players, led by Shihan Alexandr Pichkunov (medalist of the Kyokushin World Championships, 6 years trained and fought in Tokyo in K-1 with shihan Francisco Filho).The topic of the seminar was general development and specialist exercises shaping the Kyokushin stamina, technique improvement, exercises with a partner and with equipment, and combinations for combat. Shihan Pichkunov demonstrated specialized exercises used in professional boxing and K-1. The accompanying events included: A lecture by an expert on sports…


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