Kanku Summer Camp 2022 by KWF USA

 June 16th – 26th 2022 at Knox Indiana, about 50 students (ages 5 to 50 years old) from Kyokushin Karate School KANKU of Chicago participated in an intensive karate camp under supervision of Shihan Leslaw Samitowski (7 Dan). Main coach sensei Bruno Drab along with his wife sensei Magda lead the 10 day boot camp Karate training with rigorous yet fun activities. 

Each morning first training started 7:00 am sharp followed by two more classes at noon and evening. Training consisted of running, conditioning, strengthening, fighting skills, kumite as well kihon and kata with bunkai. QiGong and Yoga was also in cooperated by Yaga and Agnieszka. Meals were part of training as everyone ate together. Between trainings there was time to relax and recover for next class. Other competitive activities included soccer game, valley-ball, rope tug of war, raw eggs tameshiwari with mae atama tsuki, battle of water balloon and not to mention lake / beach training and night training. The 10 day Karate boot camp always ends with bonfire and live entertainment performed by Kanku students. A time to reflect and decompress from all the hard work and achievements.
This year about 30 students successfully tested for higher Kyu this includes – Cyprian Korzeniewski 3rd Kyu, Veronika Drab 2nd kyu, -Victor Valec 2nd kyu, -Olivia and -Sebastian Bonislawski 1st kyu.
And very important to note that KANKU also got enriched with new black belts; Tomasz Jurczyk Sho Dan (1st Dan), Magda Drab San Dan (3rd dan), Bruno Drab. Yon Dan (4th Dan). Congratulations to everyone on great achievement! We hope we’ll see you next year ready to rock and roll with us again!!!
text by shihan Leslaw Samitowski (7th dan)