11th Arab Kyokushin Karate Championships in Beirut (Lebanon) , 10-11 September 2022

About 250 players representing seven Arab countries participated in the tournament: Egypt – Tunisia – Syria – Palestine – Iraq – Kuwait, Lebanon.

Results :
1- place Lebanon
2- place Iraq
3- place Palestine
4- place Syria
5- place Kuwait
6- place Tunisia
7- place Egypt

All participating delegations praised the good and accurate organization and high discipline in this Arab championship, which left a good impact on the hearts of all the players, administrators and coaches who participated in it.

The tournament was followed by a large crowd, especially since most of its matches were characterized by competition, strong competition and closeness of level in different weights among other Arab champions who participated in the activities of its very strong and distinguished competitions.

An organizer of this event was Lebanese Kyokushinkai Federation, in which Shihan Ali Fawaz (KWF Lebanon CR) is Secretary General and Suzane Chami – treasurer.